01 June 2014

James William

In Memory of  James William
2013 June 11

"Airplanes from Heaven"
by  Kelly Garrett

"My journey dealing with the loss of our stillborn son at 35 weeks."

Doria Charis

In Memory of  Doria Charis Stumpf
2012 August 18

"Remembering Doria"
by  Erik Stumpf

"Our daughter Doria was stillborn at 36 weeks on August 18, 2012. When I went looking for something that described what fathers go through in this, I didn't find much. So, I decided to share my own journey.."

27 May 2013

Aidyn Clare

In Memory of  Aidyn Clare
2011 September 5

"Aidyn Clare"
by Kimmy
"My blog is to help me with the grieving process."

Grace Higgins

In Memory of  Grace Higgins
2007 March 28

"Butterflies for Grace"
by Linzi Barbour

Ariella Jade

In Memory of  Ariella Jade
2013 January 30

"Deeper Still"
by Larissa

"My husband and I lost our first child, Ariella Jade, in January 2013, when she was stillborn at 39 weeks. I share my journey of grief and faith on my blog."

16 April 2013


In Memory of  Lucy
2013 March 20

"So This is Who We Are Now"
by Kerlie McGerser
"My blog is an attempt to heal myself, and help others out there heal. Reading other stories has been a great help to me, and I'm hoping to find more support and community."

01 April 2013

Ethan Alexander

In Memory of  Ethan Alexander
2012 January 01

"Father's Grief"
by James Garety

We lost Ethan Alexander to a full term stillbirth on New Year's Day 2012. 

The mission of Father's Grief is to ensure that the memory of Ethan persists, while raising awareness of stillbirth. Father's Grief is inspired by baby Ethan. 

It's archives hold clues to the raw and lonely journey suffered by bereaved parents as they try to make sense of the death of their child."

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