Welcome to Blog Directory - Miscarriage, Stillbirth, and Baby/Child Loss. This blog is to anyone who has lost a baby/child in any way. If you are here because you have recently suffered the loss of a baby/child or a pregnancy, or you endured your loss long ago, my heart truly breaks for you. I myself lost my baby Alanna last August 19th, 2012. She came too soon and left me too soon leaving me with so much pain and a broken heart. 

I am sorry that the loss of a precious child has brought you here but I am glad you have found this blog/site directoryEven if you do not write a blog, this site is for you. You are welcome to read any of the blogs listed here. I find reading people's blog and stories very healing. For me, knowing that other people are in a similar place can be helpful and healing at the same time. Sometimes I find blogs that dealt with circumstances that's somewhat similar to mine and knowing this I felt normal and that I am not alone.

If you have a blog that you want to share and include in the Directory, please submit your blog by filling up the Request Form. When you submit your information, I manually add it to the list, so it may take some time for it to appear on the list. Please check my "Waitlist" [located in sidebar] after 48 hours for your baby's name. If the name is not listed then it's either I have not received your information so kindly email me or fill up the request form. [I will assume it's a system glitch, so I do apologize]

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Please take time to browse though the directory. Blogs are listed by posts as I get them and will be added by Baby's name on the 'Baby Name Directory' Page Alphabetically. I included Tag/Labels on the side link if you are looking for a particular loss(eg. miscarriage, still birth, child loss, etc), special dates(eg. by year like 2012, by month like January...), baby's names, etc. You can use the 'search box' if you are looking for a particular name or website.


  • The blog is open to anybody who has lost a baby or a child under 21. You can requests your blog/site link to be added as long as this site is your property. 
  • There is no charge on putting your link on the directory list. It's free! Just fill out the Request Form.   All I ask is for you to post and spread the word about this Blog directory or better yet grab the Button below. The more people find us the better we can build and let people know things about bereave parents who lost their baby/child.
  • If you no longer want your blog/site included on the directory please let me know via email @ ourforeverbaby@gmail.com.
  • Feel free to Question, Suggest, or Comment. I'm always open to suggestions about how I can make this site more helpful to you.

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Thank you for grabbing and sharing!

Feel free to contact/message me for comments or suggestions: @ ourforeverbaby@gmail.com 

Love and Respect,
Alanna's Mom - Anna ♥

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